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Candy roses fundraiser

Civitan rose count!

180 from Saturday
64 from me (just finished... no more kisses = can't make any more roses = thank god cause I'm getting blisters... = O____o;)

Running tally: 244 / 500(+?)

From Michelle's e-mail: I calculated the cost of a single rose WITHOUT tissue paper and ribbon added in. That comes out to $ 0.11 per rose. I think we need just one more package of red tissue paper, since I think we have enough pink. And ribbon is going to be needed to tie the paper hearts to the stems, as well as to hold the bouquets together. Once those two things are added in, then the cost might be around $ 0.20 per rose. Do you still want to charge $ 0.50 per rose?

And I thought, hey, I have poll-making abilities! :D So vote (please only vote once! ie if you voted at my journal, don't vote at the civitan comm and vice versa dears):

Poll #419206 Candy Roses!

How much should we sell the regular (completely chocolate kisses) roses for?

50 cents
75 cents
a dollar
I don't care... go away.

How much should we sell the caramel kisses roses for?

same price as the regular roses!
25 cents more
don't sell them individually -- only let them be part of the boquet option.
I don't really have any opinion so I'm actually Karen's peon Mwhahaha

How much should we sell the boquets for? (note: I'm not sure how many roses are in our boquets... 12?)

6 dollars
5 dollars
no opinion

How many roses do you want to make?

more than 500 and just sell for less
how long is this stupid poll anyway!?
how now, brown cow?
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Actually.. what the crap does "more than 500 and just sell for less" mean.
Make more than 500 roses and sell them for less?
Um... like, yay, let's make 800 and sell them at three for a dollar or one for 50 cents?
If we manage to finish the 500 before the fundraiser, then make more. I don't see why we have to sell them for less, judging by the demand from last year
/shrug/ I dunno, let's just leave all our options open, ne?
I think we might manage 500 and probably more since there are more people out there to sell (last year we didn't have many members). But remember, I still need to talk to Ms. Diaz about selling them, which I'll do now by writing an e-mail.
I think we should be able to do more than 500 too. We'll see.