sapphirestar987 (sapphirestar987) wrote in ahsjrcivitan,

ICC Meeting

Since I don't know how to update the page, I'll just update through here.

Main thing: Tori Gates: $10 Talk to me about it. Um...we need to submit a design to Mr. Tipton and get it approved; also, we need to try getting it earlier because space is limited (if more than 32 applications are turned in, there is a priority list)

ASB events:
~Speech and Debate - candy gram sale
~Speech and Debate - car wash at Outback Steakhouse, Saturday
~Senior Council - Krispy Kreme sale
~Consitution Team - tomorrow last day to auction which teacher to dress up
~Executive Council - lunch mummy wrap activity
~House of Reps meeting Thursday (send rep in 3rd period)
~SCOC costume contest this Friday during lunch

Other concerns:
Because the Valentine roses is our major fundraiser, I want to get it approved now so we have that week to sell. That's my other question, when? Are we just going to do it by getting orders, or are we planning to sell them (like set up a table...) So let me know soon.
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Tori Gates?
Ditto, what is that?
I'll show you tomorrow. Or explain it to you tomorrow.