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ICC Meeting

Stuff from the ICC Meeting if anyone is interested in what is going on at our school:

*The Constitution/Government Team is doing a fundraiser where you can auction for a teacher to dress him/her up for Halloween. Ask Christina for more information or go to D11

*(I don't really know if this applies since we are an old club and that our events have been approved) Dr. Sutro and others council members and the district attorney are discussing guidelines for service clubs like if advisors need to be at the events and such. It is very complicated and I'll try to update it. Some changes might occur once the guildlines are set.

*ASB events:

~Petition Pep Commissioner is going on

~Candy Sale for Academic Decathlon

~Jr. and Sr. Council will be selling Robecks sometime this week during lunch

~Orchestra fall concert this thursday

~Jr. Council car wash at Holly Ave. this Saturday

~Orchesis Beauty Breakfast

~Jr. Civitan bowl-a-thon

I was not aware that the bowl-a-thon was still going on. I don't think I will be able to go considering all the work I have to do (where is it again?) or I could always bring homework to do like I did 5 years ago with my sister's birthday at some bowling center.
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