an indelible stamp of lowly origins (babbled) wrote in ahsjrcivitan,
an indelible stamp of lowly origins

Florida’s hurricane victims

Okay, so I just called Michelle to ask her about this since I’ve been thinking about it but I keep forgetting to talk about it... blahblahblah... anyway, what do you guys think of a candy/Krispy Kreme/Souplantation fundraiser where proceeds go towards Florida’s hurricane victims?

Maybe we could collaborate with the Red Cross Club on campus on it?

Or we could make more candy flowers -->

Yellow roses = friendship ; try to care
Red and white roses together = together; unity
Zinnias = thoughts of friends (we can work out a variation on the roses to make it look like zinnias or sunflowers, at least, which actually do mean, in the language of flowers, loyalty and wishes)
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