an indelible stamp of lowly origins (babbled) wrote in ahsjrcivitan,
an indelible stamp of lowly origins

Florida’s hurricane victims

Okay, so I just called Michelle to ask her about this since I’ve been thinking about it but I keep forgetting to talk about it... blahblahblah... anyway, what do you guys think of a candy/Krispy Kreme/Souplantation fundraiser where proceeds go towards Florida’s hurricane victims?

Maybe we could collaborate with the Red Cross Club on campus on it?

Or we could make more candy flowers -->

Yellow roses = friendship ; try to care
Red and white roses together = together; unity
Zinnias = thoughts of friends (we can work out a variation on the roses to make it look like zinnias or sunflowers, at least, which actually do mean, in the language of flowers, loyalty and wishes)
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I don't mind, but we just need to find a way to organize it. And I think we could try to get all the clubs to participate (maybe I should pass it down to Erica and maybe we can all collaborate and make it a school thing...if not, then I don't think that's a bad idea).

As for the flowers, I've always know those two colors (that's why I love yellow roses...maybe find more flower language, like what does peach or orange mean?)

ICC Meeting: nothing much happened. A roster is going to be created. Remind me to give the charter certificate to Mrs. Colley. Also, if anyone wants to know what is happening this week concerning school activities, just ask...I tried to write down a couple of them.
I think it'd be a good idea to go all-school. That way even more people could participate... course then again, the question becomes, if everybody is part of club... who's gonna buy it? O____O;;;

If we do go all-school, I'd like to be in charge of it purely so I can write about it in my apps since I came up with the idea anyway.

Here is a big list of a bunch of flower meanings.

Isn't Mrs. Colley gone for WASC?
Actually, if it goes all school, I think most of the credit will go to ASB executive council...but I never know. As for going all school, most of it would be a community thing rather than a school know like the donating jackets to the White Mountain Apache thing...

So basically, let's add yellow, white and peach to our color of roses because then the people have more of a choice (I was also thinking what type of kisses, like almond or caramel, but that would be a bit too complicated...but if we can, that would be great because I don't like plain kisses, but that's just me)

I have no clue.
:O! I would object! But, yeah. /pout/

Why peach? You're making it way, way, way too confusing. We could do hugs for red and regular for white? But I don't think we should do almond because lots of people don't like/are allergic/etc. and caramel I've never tried but isn't it more expensive?

She's not gonna be at school for the first meeting, that's all I remember.
I just thought of something would be great if we can make it a community thing...that's a bit too huge, but what the heck.

Krispy Kreme: that will be hard to pass out...
Well, SO does that right? And you guys don't do too bad...? We could pass them out from Colley's room afterschool? I dunno.
It was hectic. That's the only thing about it that I have to say. It was a success, but we had a hard time organizing and such.
I can imagine.
....more candy flowers?...
Gee, you sound so excited.
Sorry. What I meant was OH MAN!!! MORE CANDY FLOWERS??!?!?! I can hardly wait!!
Shush. Anyway, I don't think we'll be candy-flowering. Was Mrs. Colley at school today?