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the only way to reach everyone is to crosspost like crazy

If you've heard from me already, ignore me. Ifyou're like Daisy, who never picks up her phone, read this anyway. If I left a message on your phone, please either call back so I know you got the info or read this. Thanks.

Okay, I know you all are probably sick of getting T-shirt info from me, but this is the last of it. (Yay!) :D We got the sample from Stitching Lizzie and it doesn't look that bad. It's a little slanted on one side because the stitching is all in one direction but the lady said that she and the person she works with will be using another needle and something or other to try and get that fixed.

Anyway, we also received our T-shirts last week (they're sitting in Mrs. Colley's classroom right now), for anybody who didn't know.

The stitching will cost $6.00 and the shirt is $10.00. The total (stitching and shirt) will come up to $16.00. Please try to get that money in ASAP (give it to Mrs. Colley or bring it to me on Club Day).

Michelle talked to me today about possibly getting the logo screenprinted instead of embroidered for the regular members because it's less expensive. Do you have any thoughts? I was thinking of just letting them vote on it: our members can decide between pique style polo like we have or regular polo like last year's (albeit a bit thicker). They can also decide between having full embroidery or screenprinted logos and embroidered names. I'll ask Stitching Lizzie how much the names will cost when I drop off the shirts to her tomorrow. Anyway, back to the vote, majority would rule then. Haha, gotta love democracy.

I told Stitching Lizzie that I would drop of the shirts tomorrow after school (so I'll be dropping by your room tomorrow after sixth period, Mrs. Colley). She said that she asks for payment after the services are done, so we'll pay her later rather than tomorrow. She also said that she'd provide for us an invoice, so you can all see that I'm not lying or anything. ;)

Now, I know for a fact that we ordered 12 shirts and there's only 10 of us. Mrs. Colley, I was wondering if you want to get stitching done for the other two or not..? We originally ordered them for our apprentices... Also, Mrs. Colley, your position is just Advisor, right? Would you like for it to have just 'Linda Colley' or 'Mrs. Colley' or 'Mrs. Linda Colley'?

As for the rest of you, please check and make sure that the roster Michelle provided us has your name and positions correct. For instance, we have two PR Coordinators (I need to talk to you sometime about ads in Arcadia Weekly for Can-Do), do you both want to have the 'co-' or is that just Janice's or do you want to get rid of it altogether?

Actually, nevermind. To make it simpler, please just respond with an e-mail of your name, position and shirt size. Thanks.
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