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Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
8:15 pm
This a reminder to everyone that the Jr. Civitan California District Convention is going to be THIS SUNDAY. Anyone interested in going needs to show up at the half-circle behind the Little Theater at 7:00 A.M. on Sunday in order to be driven there by Mrs. Colley. Depending on how many people show up, there may or may not be a $10 fee for lunch and other expenses. Chances are, the club will pay the fee. More information regarding this will be posted once a final number of attending members is counted.

The Convention will give all members a chance to run for District Office positions. It will probably last until one or two. If you are interested, leave a comment ASAP! Thank you!

Thursday, May 5th, 2005
11:41 pm
May 1-14
No club meetings throughout AP testing (May 1- 14).

The Candy Roses fundraiser will be held May 8-14. Go to Mrs. Colley's room to get flyers and order forms.
Friday, April 22nd, 2005
1:10 am
Permission Slips
Volunteer Permission slip   1 | 2

If you haven't already done so, please fill out these forms and bring them with you on Sunday.

- H

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Sunday, April 17th, 2005
11:45 pm
New Website Up!
AHS Jr. Civitan

Fixed bugs:
- right border on first entry now visible
- elections link works

Need to fix:
- add in calendar, hours
- change "google ad!" space
- fix gallery link

- Hua

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Sunday, January 16th, 2005
8:25 pm
Candy roses fundraiser
Civitan rose count!

180 from Saturday
64 from me (just finished... no more kisses = can't make any more roses = thank god cause I'm getting blisters... = O____o;)

Running tally: 244 / 500(+?)

From Michelle's e-mail: I calculated the cost of a single rose WITHOUT tissue paper and ribbon added in. That comes out to $ 0.11 per rose. I think we need just one more package of red tissue paper, since I think we have enough pink. And ribbon is going to be needed to tie the paper hearts to the stems, as well as to hold the bouquets together. Once those two things are added in, then the cost might be around $ 0.20 per rose. Do you still want to charge $ 0.50 per rose?

And I thought, hey, I have poll-making abilities! :D So vote (please only vote once! ie if you voted at my journal, don't vote at the civitan comm and vice versa dears):

Poll #419206 Candy Roses!

How much should we sell the regular (completely chocolate kisses) roses for?

50 cents
75 cents
a dollar
I don't care... go away.

How much should we sell the caramel kisses roses for?

same price as the regular roses!
25 cents more
don't sell them individually -- only let them be part of the boquet option.
I don't really have any opinion so I'm actually Karen's peon Mwhahaha

How much should we sell the boquets for? (note: I'm not sure how many roses are in our boquets... 12?)

6 dollars
5 dollars
no opinion

How many roses do you want to make?

more than 500 and just sell for less
how long is this stupid poll anyway!?
how now, brown cow?

Current Mood: so many darn roses... @___@
Wednesday, December 29th, 2004
11:55 am
I can give rides home for people, but only for the first shift. People crazy enough to stay for both shifts will just have to find another route. :P

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Monday, December 27th, 2004
10:03 pm
Beach Clean-Up
Diana e-mailed them, and they said they just need to know # of people going, time, and date.

Do you want to do this right after finals? If so, it will be on Saturday Jan. 29th / Sun the 30th, or do it the week after? And do any of you prefer a certain time slot?
Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
6:27 pm
Rose Parade
I'm calling for reservations. Which days are better?
12/26 and 12/27 8am-5pm & 5pm-11pm (2 shifts)
12/28 and 12/29 8am-5pm & 5pm-12pm (2 shifts)
12/30 8am-5pm & 5pm-12pm & 12pm-done (3 shifts)
Sunday, November 21st, 2004
12:49 am
Sunday Activity CANCELLED

Apparently, we never turned in an activity sheet, so Arts and Crafts with the Special-Ed Students was never approved. Thus, no pink cards could be given to students to excuse them from 5th period. We might, however, do a similar activity around Christmas to make up for this. Thank you!!

Janice - plz post this on the xanga site. And the official site. Thank you!
Saturday, October 30th, 2004
7:59 pm
Can-Do Drive
OK. Can-do drive. Tomorrow. If you can make it, leave a comment. If you can't, leave an explanation. Meet at my house (where else? -_-;) at around 7-ish? Is that reasonable?
1:31 am
Civitan photos. Thanks Diana :)
Monday, October 25th, 2004
9:46 pm
ICC Meeting
Since I don't know how to update the page, I'll just update through here.

Main thing: Tori Gates: $10 Talk to me about it. Um...we need to submit a design to Mr. Tipton and get it approved; also, we need to try getting it earlier because space is limited (if more than 32 applications are turned in, there is a priority list)

ASB events:
~Speech and Debate - candy gram sale
~Speech and Debate - car wash at Outback Steakhouse, Saturday
~Senior Council - Krispy Kreme sale
~Consitution Team - tomorrow last day to auction which teacher to dress up
~Executive Council - lunch mummy wrap activity
~House of Reps meeting Thursday (send rep in 3rd period)
~SCOC costume contest this Friday during lunch

Other concerns:
Because the Valentine roses is our major fundraiser, I want to get it approved now so we have that week to sell. That's my other question, when? Are we just going to do it by getting orders, or are we planning to sell them (like set up a table...) So let me know soon.
Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
6:49 pm
Good job on the website! And we managed to figure out Naomi's real e-mail address: pooipemnnm@yahoo.com. I know, geez.

Current Mood: chipper
6:37 pm
There's some errors in our geocities website for the officers' roster. ie. my name is not there and my sn and email is listed under janice. there's probably other mistakes too, so check if all of ur info are correct. otherwise, keep up the good work. =D
Monday, October 18th, 2004
8:39 pm
ICC Meeting
Stuff from the ICC Meeting if anyone is interested in what is going on at our school:

*The Constitution/Government Team is doing a fundraiser where you can auction for a teacher to dress him/her up for Halloween. Ask Christina for more information or go to D11

*(I don't really know if this applies since we are an old club and that our events have been approved) Dr. Sutro and others council members and the district attorney are discussing guidelines for service clubs like if advisors need to be at the events and such. It is very complicated and I'll try to update it. Some changes might occur once the guildlines are set.

*ASB events:

~Petition Pep Commissioner is going on

~Candy Sale for Academic Decathlon

~Jr. and Sr. Council will be selling Robecks sometime this week during lunch

~Orchestra fall concert this thursday

~Jr. Council car wash at Holly Ave. this Saturday

~Orchesis Beauty Breakfast

~Jr. Civitan bowl-a-thon

I was not aware that the bowl-a-thon was still going on. I don't think I will be able to go considering all the work I have to do (where is it again?) or I could always bring homework to do like I did 5 years ago with my sister's birthday at some bowling center.
Saturday, October 9th, 2004
11:50 pm
Hey guys. Here's the info on the bowl-a-thon so far:

I've called AMF Bowling Square repeatedly, and every time I mentioned the words "club fundraiser" and "speak to your manager", I was told that the manager was a "very busy man" and couldn't take my call/see me at that moment. And no, appointments were just not possible. I talked to my father about this, and he agreed with my suspicion that the manager is unwilling to negotiate a dicount, no matter what the deal. Therefore, it would probably be much less of a hassle to just have the members pay for their own entrance fee and shoes, and include the extra cost in the projected earnings of the fundraiser. That way, we can give the money that the members spent on bowling back to them AFTER collecting the funds. We'll just have to raise the minimum amount of money they would each have to fundraise to pay off both their dues AND get their bowling money back.

However, to rent out five lanes (the person I talked to recommended five for a group of 25-30 people) for one game, each person would have to pay a total of $8.50 (a $4.25 entrance fee and $4.25 for mandatory shoes). This would mean that each person would have to fundraise a minimum of $25 to cover all fees.

Personally, I wouldn't mind (our track jog-a-thon usually aims for at least $50), but I don't know what you guys might think of this particular arrangement. Having five lanes for 25-30 people for one game would mean that we would have to organize into teams of 5-6. This means that each person has about 2 turns (each with the possibility of 10 pins) and the overall possiblity of hitting 20 pins maximum (barring strikes and spares). If you could give me your opinion on whether or not these figures seem possible/make sense, I'd really appreciate it.

Now, I would like to say that we do have an alternative choice. I also contacted AMF Bahama Lanes, which is willing to offer a group package deal, but has promised to contact me sometime during the week to talk about specifics. This bowling alley is located in Pasadena, but isn't too far from AHS. It's a reasonable distance to travel to for something like a bowl-a-thon.

So. Should I make reservations for Bowling Square? Or should I wait for Bahama Lanes' promised response, which may or may not come? Any and all input would be appreciated!


Just in case you want all the background info:

AMF Bahama Lanes
3545 E. Foothill Blvd., Pas.

AMF Bowling Square
1020 S. Baldwin, Arc.

Bowling rules: http://sportsrules.50g.com/tenpinbowling.htm

Monday, October 4th, 2004
6:10 pm
Florida’s hurricane victims
Okay, so I just called Michelle to ask her about this since I’ve been thinking about it but I keep forgetting to talk about it... blahblahblah... anyway, what do you guys think of a candy/Krispy Kreme/Souplantation fundraiser where proceeds go towards Florida’s hurricane victims?

Maybe we could collaborate with the Red Cross Club on campus on it?

Or we could make more candy flowers -->

Yellow roses = friendship ; try to care
Red and white roses together = together; unity
Zinnias = thoughts of friends (we can work out a variation on the roses to make it look like zinnias or sunflowers, at least, which actually do mean, in the language of flowers, loyalty and wishes)
Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
12:35 am
Karen? Do you want a deadline for the T-shirt money? And when should the deadline for Dues be? I personally would prefer both deadlines to be sometime in early November, but I'd like to hear your opinion, and the opinions of whoever else wants to suggest anything. Thanks!
Monday, September 27th, 2004
4:50 pm
the only way to reach everyone is to crosspost like crazy
If you've heard from me already, ignore me. Ifyou're like Daisy, who never picks up her phone, read this anyway. If I left a message on your phone, please either call back so I know you got the info or read this. Thanks.

Okay, I know you all are probably sick of getting T-shirt info from me, but this is the last of it. (Yay!) :D We got the sample from Stitching Lizzie and it doesn't look that bad. It's a little slanted on one side because the stitching is all in one direction but the lady said that she and the person she works with will be using another needle and something or other to try and get that fixed.

Anyway, we also received our T-shirts last week (they're sitting in Mrs. Colley's classroom right now), for anybody who didn't know.

The stitching will cost $6.00 and the shirt is $10.00. The total (stitching and shirt) will come up to $16.00. Please try to get that money in ASAP (give it to Mrs. Colley or bring it to me on Club Day).

Michelle talked to me today about possibly getting the logo screenprinted instead of embroidered for the regular members because it's less expensive. Do you have any thoughts? I was thinking of just letting them vote on it: our members can decide between pique style polo like we have or regular polo like last year's (albeit a bit thicker). They can also decide between having full embroidery or screenprinted logos and embroidered names. I'll ask Stitching Lizzie how much the names will cost when I drop off the shirts to her tomorrow. Anyway, back to the vote, majority would rule then. Haha, gotta love democracy.

I told Stitching Lizzie that I would drop of the shirts tomorrow after school (so I'll be dropping by your room tomorrow after sixth period, Mrs. Colley). She said that she asks for payment after the services are done, so we'll pay her later rather than tomorrow. She also said that she'd provide for us an invoice, so you can all see that I'm not lying or anything. ;)

Now, I know for a fact that we ordered 12 shirts and there's only 10 of us. Mrs. Colley, I was wondering if you want to get stitching done for the other two or not..? We originally ordered them for our apprentices... Also, Mrs. Colley, your position is just Advisor, right? Would you like for it to have just 'Linda Colley' or 'Mrs. Colley' or 'Mrs. Linda Colley'?

As for the rest of you, please check and make sure that the roster Michelle provided us has your name and positions correct. For instance, we have two PR Coordinators (I need to talk to you sometime about ads in Arcadia Weekly for Can-Do), do you both want to have the 'co-' or is that just Janice's or do you want to get rid of it altogether?

Actually, nevermind. To make it simpler, please just respond with an e-mail of your name, position and shirt size. Thanks.

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Tuesday, September 21st, 2004
10:18 pm

Quick Note:  We have a Jr.Civitan Officers meeting tomorrow at lunch in L-8!  Be there or Karen shall smite you!

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